Top 10 Medical Tourism Hospitals

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) has issued its first list of the top ten world’s best hospitals for medical tourists and has named Fortis Hospital in Bangalore (former Wockhardt Hospitals,Bangalore )as the number one hospital in the world. Six of the top 10 world’s best hospitals are in Asia, two in Europe and two in North America.

MTQUA founder Julie Munro says, "Fortis is exemplary in nearly all the criteria we used. The medical traveler’s journey is a complex one and this list helps patients look beyond hospital websites where they can get the full spectrum of care management they need for a successful medical trip. If you cannot get as good or better care abroad than you can at home, you may as well stay home.”

Top ten recognition was given to the hospitals based on MTQUA’s strict assessment criteria of-

1. Medical quality and outcomes
2. International patient management
3. International patient marketing
4. Value for service
5. Patient safety and security
6. Transparency
7. Attention to the unique needs of the medical traveler

The top ten hospitals Globally for Medical Tourism are

1. Fortis Hospital, Bangalore, India
2. Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore
3. Prince Court Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4. Shouldice Hospital, Toronto, Canada
5. Schoen-Kliniken, Munich, Germany
6. Bumrungrad International, Bangkok, Thailand
7. Bangkok Hospital Medical Center, Bangkok, Thailand
8. Wooridul Spine Hospital, Seoul, Korea
9. Clemenceau Medical Center, Beirut, Lebanon
10. Christus Muguerza Super Specialty Hospital, Monterrey, Mexico

Based on the above parameters ,Fortis Hospital Bangalore(former Wockhardt Hospitals,Bangalore) is number one
  • Medical quality:It has an excellent surgery option for medical travelers seeking joint replacement, particularly hip resurfacing and replacement. It’s also strong in cardiac surgery and neurosurgery.
  • International patient management:The hospital has a transparent process sensitive to the needs of patients and families for their cultural, language, and religious requirements, their medical needs and emotional support.
  • International patient marketing:It actively supports web-based social networks, including Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. It has its own blog.
  • Value for services:It has a competitive cost structure.
  • Transparency:The Hospital ensure transparency of care, from cost to outcomes data. Patients receive a portfolio of their medical file and surgery documents including CT scans, MRI and X-rays, and operative notes to take back to their home country.


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