Wellness Tips For The Spine

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For those of us who spends a large time at our workplace sitting on a chair and working on the computer tend to forget about our sitting position.How you sit on your desk affects the spine. A posture that keeps your spine in its position can prevent you from backaches and other spinal problems.

Adjust your chair at the proper height : Tall people tend to slump towards the desk and short people tend to slump forwards.. Keep your feet flat on the floor and keep your knee at a 90 degree angle.

Take frequent breaks and stretch yourself .Do not work more than 2 hours on your desk without taking a break.

Avoid leaning too much towards your desk. Keep your computer at the right angle so as to avoid straining forward or backward.

Good Posture:Sit with your back firmly supported on the back of the chair.The basis for good posture is maintaining a "neutral spine."

Having good posture eases a lot of stress on the spine and promotes a healthy spine. There are several ways to change your posture. One is by standing up straight and the other is by sitting up straight.

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