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Friday, March 19, 2010

Wockhardt Hospitals,Bangalore,Mulund,Kalyan,(Mumbai) Kolkata is now Fortis Hospitals. To continue reading our blog . Pls follow us a http://fortis-hospitals.blogspot.com

Women's Health Check up at Marathahali Clinic,Bangalore

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fortis Hospitals,Bangalore, Marathahali Specialty Clinic, is launching a 10 day health check up exclusively for women for 12 days starting on 8th March, Women's day.

Details about Health check up camp from 8th march to 20th march

The Health Checkup details are CBC with ESR
  • Urine routine
  • TSH
  • BB and Rh Type
  • RBS
  • VDRL
  • Paps Smear
  • USG abdomen/ Breast Scan
  • Gynecology consultation
Cost of Health check: Rs.1200
  • Additional test: USG abdomen or Breast scan - Rs. 300
Health talk on 21st march timings from 11.00 am to 1 p.m.
  • Cervical cancer and its prevention
  • Breast Cancer

Fortis Hospitals (formerly Wockhardt Hospitals & Kidney Institute) launches a Guide to Cancers of Kidney

Fortis Hospitals (formerly Wockhardt Hospitals) & Kidney Institute today launched the “Guide to Cancers of Kidney” on the occasion of World Kidney Day – a day dedicated to creating increased awareness around kidney related diseases. The booklet a “Guide to understanding Different types of Kidney cancers and their causes and symptoms” was launched by noted Bengali film actress June Maliah in the presence of Dr. Aninda Chatterjee Centre Head, Dr. Shivaji Basu, Chief Urologist and Dr. R. K Gopalakrishna consultant Urologist Fortis Hospitals & Kidney Institute, Kolkata. Through this initiative Fortis Hospitals aims to create increased awareness of Kidney cancers and focus towards noting the symptoms and acting upon it as early as possible.

Speaking at the occasion Dr. Shivaji Basu, Chief Urologist, Fortis Hospitals Kolkata said, “Kidney cancer cases have risen phenomenally in the recent years. More people are seen to be affected of kidney cancer. Lack of awareness is the primary cause of the alarming increase in the number of kidney cancers in the country. If people are aware about the symptoms, a lot more lives could be saved.”

Around 208,500 new cases of kidney cancer are diagnosed in the world each year, accounting for just fewer than 2% of all cancers. Kidney cancer is usually defined as any cancer that is determined to have arisen from the kidney. It usually does not include metastatic cancer of the kidney, i.e. cancer that arose outside of the kidney and has spread to it. The two most common types of kidney cancer, reflecting their location within the kidney, are renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and urothelial cell carcinoma (UCC) of the renal pelvis. The distinction between these two types (RCC and UCC) is important because their prognosis, staging, and management, i.e. treatment (e.g. surgery, chemotherapy etc.), is different.

Presenting a talk on Kidney Cancers, Dr R K Gopalakrishna, Consultant Urologist, Fortis Hospitals Kolkata said, “It is a fact that awareness on cancer in the kidney in our country is extremely low. Our intention of launching this booklet is to increase this awareness and make people more conscious about better Kidney Care.”

“For the Last two decades Fortis Hospitals and Kidney Institute has tried to ensure adequate patient education and awareness on Kidney diseases.

The Guide to Cancers of Kidney will be available at Fortis Hospitals & Kidney Institute, Rashbehari Road and Fortis Medical Centre, Sarat Bose Road and will also be available at website for download

About Fortis Hospitals & Kidney Institute (formerly Wockhardt Hospitals)

Fortis Hospitals (formerly Wockhardt Hospitals) Kidney Institute is the first Hospitals in Easter Indian, which has a dedicated Super specialty center in Kidney Specialties and one of the oldest Hospitals for the group. Kidney specialty at Wockhardt Medical Centre (which is now a part of Fortis Hospitals) started in the year 1989 and the Wockhardt Hospitals & Kidney Institute (which is now Fortis Hospitals) was established in 1999. Over the years it has become the single point solution for all kind of Urology and Nephrology diseases for the whole of eastern and north eastern Indian including Bangladesh and neighbouring countries. It has emerged as a destination for world class clinical work in Urology and Nephrology as well as academic and research work in this field too.

The Kidney Institute is the only Kidney Hospital of Eastern India has many firsts to its credit.Among them are
  • It pioneered in Lithotripsy - the non-surgical non-invasive way of treating Kidney stones in India with the introduction of Lithotripter using ultrasonography and X-ray for localization of stones and electro-magnetic waves to crush them.
  • It has performed the maximum number of PCNLs (stones extracted through a small hole at the back)
  • It performs the maximum number of kidney stone as well as kidney surgeries per month with success rate at par with leading hospitals in Eastern India catering to over 50 million people. It performed the first successful Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy in Kidney Transplant surgery in Eastern India.
  • It introduced Penile Implant surgery in the Eastern India for the first time.

Joint Pain Camp at Kalyan from 8th-15th March

Friday, March 5, 2010

kalyan by you.

Fortis Hospitals ,Mumbai, Kalyan is organising a " Joint pain Relief Camp" at the Kalyan facilty from 8th March to 13th of March. Pls write to enquiries@wockhardthospitals.netThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to set up a appointment,or call 0251-6694100/4113

Join Pain : Reasons of having them :Our joints are our body are like shock absorbers. Each joint is cushioned by cartilage and supported by muscles, tendons and ligaments. Everyday activity places stress on the joints and causes the supporting structures to wear down over time.

Some of the causes of Joint Pains are

* Osteoarthritis (OA) :This condition is caused by the cushioning (cartilage) between the bone joints to wear away. As the disease gets worse, the cartilage disappears and the bone rubs on bone. Bony spurs form around the joint.

* Strains or Sprains: usual and repetetive exertions on a specific part of the joints causes this condition.

* External Injuries : external injuries like a fracture ,getting hurt and accidental damages can cause joint pain.

* Arthritis : Arthritis is a group of common conditions involving damage to the joints of the body.There are different kinds of arthritis and each has a different cause. Statistically the prevalence of arthritis is much higher among women than men.Rheumatoid Arthritis is an example of a specific type of arthritis.

* Tendonitis :Tendonitis is inflammation (swelling) of a tendon, which can cause pain in the affected area. It can affect tendons around the shoulder, elbow, wrist, finger, thigh, knee or back of the heel.

* Gout& Pseudogout: These are the two most common types of debilitating illness that is caused by the formation of crstals within the joint space

* Osteomyelitis:This condition is a bone infection often caused by bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus (pronounced: sta-fuh-low-kah-kus are-ee-us). Depending on how the bone becomes infected and the age of the person, other types of bacteria can cause it, too. In kids and teens, osteomyelitis usually affects the long bones of the arms and legs


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