Fortis Hospitals Bangalore applauds Goans for being at the forefront for correcting congenital heart defects

Friday, January 22, 2010

Centre (from left) Dr. N S Devananda, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, Fortis Hospitals Bangalore, Dr. Fansisco Collaso, Consultant Cardilogist & Echocardiograher, Goa with Baby Prathamesh and Baby Varad who had undergone cardiac surgery at Fortis Hospitals Bangalore

Fortis Hospitals Bangalore (formerly Wockhardt Hospitals) addresses the media today showcasing the pediatric cardiac scenario in the country and how Goa has been at the forefront in saving many children’s lives by identifying and correcting congenital heart defects at the appropriate time.

Addressing a press conference in Panjim, Dr. N. S. Devananda, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, Fortis Hospitals Bangalore said, “Our experience in Goa in the pediatric cardiac space over the years has been quite overwhelming. We have seen this state growing from the time when congenital heart disease (CHD) was seen as an evil spell to such a time when people are aware and educated of CHD and confident that this can be treated under proper medical supervision and care at expert hands. We are thankful to all those parents who came to us with immense faith and confidence and helped us marking feat in this field and helped us challenge medical excellence many a times.”

“Goa has been very responsive when it comes to congenital heart defects. This transformation in the mind set of the people has served as a boon to all those children who were suffering from heart defects and had the opportunity to avail treatment at the right time. 60-70 % of infants that came to Fortis Hospitals Bangalore were of very complex nature and the success rate has always been of almost of about 90-95%. With such a huge success rate in correcting CHD amongst which 70% comprised of complex cases definitely poses as a great strength for the surgeons who have performed the surgery. The positive response and the confidence that the Goans have shown in us has immensely build our confidence in our profession and given us the courage to take up the most challenging cases” added Dr. N S Devananda.

Lack of adequate knowledge of CHD often results in time lag between diagnosis and referral to a pediatric cardiac centre for treatment and leads to further complication of the child. Also due to lack of awareness facilities available in India to correct congenital heart defects across the spectrum results in higher mortality rate and limited usage of pediatric cardiac expertise available in the country. Heart disease in children is not identified as a health priority by the government in our country. There are no government policies for cardiac care in children. This is perhaps related to the prevailing notion that CHD is uncommon, often fatal and is therefore not worth expanding national resources.

Many families in rural and semi urban parts of India seek advice from unqualified, self-proclaimed “doctors” and quacks because of common beliefs and myths. This further adds to the delay in diagnosis and proper management of the child with CHD. But Goa has stood apart and has set an example for the rest of the states of India. The benefits extended by the government to the families have given an impetus to the pediatric cardiac program at Fortis Hospitals Bangalore to treat many such children and give them a new lease of life.

About Fortis Hospitals (formerly Wockhardt Hospitals)

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