Wockhardt Hospitals Medical Breakthroughs in Bone and Joint Care

Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Bone and Joint care at Mumbai and Bangalore has been a center of ,excellence in Joint Replacements and Orthopedic Treatments.Our Bangalore and Mumbai centers are equipped to treat all types of muscular-skeletal problems ranging from Orthopedic Trauma Surgery to Minimally Invasive Arthroscopic Surgery. The hospital also specializes in surgery for joint replacements, sports medicine, ligament repair, knee surgery, spine surgery and physical therapy for rehabilitation.

Wockhardt Hospitals Bone & Joint Care has complete technology and advanced skills to perform Microscopic Lumber & Cervical Discectomy, Endo-scopic Spine Surgery and Arthroscopic surgeries such as Ligament Reconstruction in the knee, Subacromial Decompression in the shoulder.

Some of our Medical Breakthroughs in Bone and Joint Care include

1)We were the first hospital chain in Western India to perform Hip Resurfacing or Surface Replacement

2)We are the first hospital in India to perform mobile bearing Hi-flex Uni Knees (Half Knee Replacement )

3) Wockhardt Hospital was among the first Hospital to have performed India's first bilateral knee replacement surgery. In a bilateral knee replacement, both the knees are replaced in the same surgery which is performed on the same day.

4)Among the first Hospital to have performed India's first Birmingham Hip resurfacing: Unlike a total hip replacement (THR), the BIRMINGHAM HIP resurfaces the joint. The worn cartilage and damaged first layer of bone are removed and a fresh, low-wearing metal surface is installed.

4)We are Credited performing the largest number of "tissue preserving joint replacement surgeries".This is a technique where by making a superior incision, rather than a posterior incision, neither the posterior hip capsule, nor the gluteus medius or minimus are dissected. This results in improved post-operative results in the form of less dislocations and better healing.

5)Doctors at Wockhardt Hospitals was successful in treating 'synovial chondromatosis'where 98 small pieces of loose bones, ranging from 5 mm to 40mm, in the Knee Joint removed from a 60 year old woman.

to schedule an appointment with our Bone and Care doctors,please email us at enquiries@wockhardthospitals.net


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