Short Stay Surgeries for Urology Procedures

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The various procedures which can be done on the Short Stay basis for Urology are


This is a diagnostic procedure to check the Urethra and the Bladder. A small telescope ( Cystoscope ) is passed through the urinary pipe to have a look as well as carry out any procedures such as treating the Urethral Stricture, removal of small Bladder Tumours, removing any small stones in the Bladder. The insertion or removal of the Double 'J' stents can also be done during this procedure.

Lower Ureteric Stones
The stones in the lower part of the Ureter can be treated on a Short stay basis. After passing the Ureteroscope, the stones can be broken by the Lithotripsy and extracted with the help of the Basket. A Double 'J' stent may be inserted after the procedure, which will be removed at the later date.

The dilatation of the veins around the Testes is called Varicocele. It can cause pain and discomfort in the scrotum. The other significant effect of Varicocele is on the Male Infertility. The ligation of Varicocele is carried out as a Day-Case procedure involving two small cuts in the groins and carefully ligating the dilated veins with the help of a microscope.

Circumcision, Vasectomy
These are the other procedures ideally suitable on a short stay basis. There is minimum disturbance in the patient's routine and they can get back to work quickly.

Short Stay Procedures : Make your Hospital Stay Short

After a surgery, hospital stay often becomes a tedious task for the patient and his visitors. Not only does it take the patient time to adjust to his new surroundings, it is often noted as a discomfort. Every surgery has its own healing time and requires the patient to rest adequately before he can be sent home. However, there are some surgeries where the patient is operated and sent home that very same day!

Short Stay Surgery has been defined by the Royal College of Surgeons as when the surgical day case patient is admitted for investigation or operation on a planned non-resident basis and who nonetheless requires facilities for recovery.

This definition excludes upper and lower GI endoscopies, outpatient procedures such as flexible cystoscopy, and minor superficial surgery under local anaesthetic, none of which require full day case facilities for recovery. Currently the Short Stay Surgery has a specialized dedicated team, functioning only at Cunningham Road, Bangalore.

Some of the Short Stay Surgery Procedures

1. Orchidopexy
2. Circumcision
3. Inguinal hernia repair
4. Excision of breast lump
5. Anal fissure dilatation or excision
6. Haemorrhoidectomy
7. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
8. Varicose vein stripping or ligation
9. Transurethral resection of bladder tumour
10. Excision of dupuytren's contracture
11. Carpal tunnel decompression
12. Excision of ganglion
13. Arthroscopy
14. Bunion operations
15. Removal of metalware
16. Extraction of cataract with/without implant
17. Correction of squint
18. Myringotomy
19. Tonsillectomy
20. Sub Mucous resection
21. Reduction of nasal fracture
22. Operation for bat ears
23. Dilatation and curettage/hysteroscopy
24. Laparoscopy
25. Termination of Pregnancy

Benefits of Short Stay Surgery
1. Pre-booked date and less likely to be cancelled
2. Shorter waiting lists and lesser uncertainty of a long wait
3. Easier domestic arrangements
4. Earlier mobilisation
5. Minimal disruption of patient's personal life
6. Earlier return to normal environment
7. Reduced risk of cross-infection
8. Avoidance of disruptive nights in hospital wards
9. Less loss of time at work
10. Less psychological disturbances in children
11. Lesser chances of cancellation due to pressures of emergency surgeries in a dedicated day care facility.

To find out if you are a candidate for short stay surgery, pls email or sms short to 56767


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