Study Shows Ginger capsules can lessen nausea if started days before cancer chemotherapy,

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ginger capsules can lessen nausea if started days before cancer chemotherapy, study finds - CLTV: "Ginger capsules can lessen nausea if started days before cancer chemotherapy, study finds.

MARILYNN MARCHIONE AP Medical Writer reports

Ginger, long used as a folk remedy for soothing tummy aches, helped tame one of the most dreaded side effects of cancer treatment — nausea from chemotherapy, the first large study to test the herb for this has found.

People who started taking ginger capsules several days before a chemo infusion had fewer and less severe bouts of nausea afterward than others who were given dummy capsules, the federally funded study found.

'We were slightly beside ourselves' to see how much it helped, said study leader Julie Ryan of the University of Rochester in New York.

Results were released Thursday by the American Society of Clinical Oncology and will be presented at the group's annual meeting later this month.

But don't reach for the ginger ale. Many sodas and cookies contain only flavoring — not real ginger, Ryan said. Her study tested a drug-like ginger root extract, and it's not known if people could get the same benefits from ginger teas or the powdered ginger sold as a spice.

Still, ginger capsules may offer a cheap, simple way to fight nausea, which is far more than just a quality-of-life issue, doctors say. Some cancer patients cut treatment short or refuse chemo altogether because of nausea, hurting their chances of beating the disease."

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Nurses Day Celebrations at Bangalore

Nurses at Wokhardt Hospitals,Bannerghata in a fashion show on International Nurses day

It was a Nurses day out on 12th of May at the Bannerghata Road Branch at Wockhardt Hospitals,Bangalore. For a changes the nurses at Wockhardt Hospitals donned the latest fashion couture and gave up their nursing uniform.

Not really couture or the essence of a fashion show,but the nurses showed why it is not that difficult sometimes to change to your roles and give something your best shot,if you have the passion.

Beginning with the lighting of the lamp, the International Nurses day celebrations,started after the inaugural address Dr Davison, Centre Head, Wockhardt Hospitals, Bannerghatta.

Mr. Davison congratulated all the nursing staff at Wockhardt on the occasion. “This is the noblest profession in the world probably the only profession that puts service before self,and not everyone can be a nurse. It requires a special calling, and the ability to be sympathetic, empathetic and truly concerned for the sick,” he said.

The show had three rounds and finally, the judges chose Dipty Diana Fernandes from Wockhardt, Cunningham Road, as “Queen of Wockhardt” and Rizwan from Wockhardt, Bannerghatta, as “King of Wockhardt”.

Wockhardt Hospitals is now on Twitter

wockhardt hospitals at twitter

We welcome our users ,patients and caregivers to stay in touch with the latest news at wockhardt hospitals by following us on twitter. In the days to come we hope to use twitter to inform and update patients and caregivers about their friends and relatives ,who are admitted at Wockhardt hospitals and are eager to get an status update of their loved ones.

Our twitter url is ! We welcome everyone to join us at twitter . Happy Twittering


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