Is your latest Electronic Gadget a Carrier of Germs

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Do you know that its not only the radiation from your mobile phone and electronic gadgets which is harmful ,but also your mobile is a carrier of dangerous germs . For most of us hooked to mobile phones the harmless looking Gadgets like our mobile phones and iPods might be something which has became indispensable for our daily needs of communication,however what you did not know that, these gadgets are also the carriers of dangerous bacteria and micro organisms.

In a recent article in Mid-Day about the dangers of Mobile Phones as germ carriers, explains why bacteria formation in mobile phones might cause infection.

What makes mobiles a hotbed for bacteria is the way we handle them. Infections are usually caused when micro-organisms from unwashed hands are transferred to the surface of the phone. The fact that cell phones offer a warm environment, helps microbes multiply. Since phones are usually stored in bags or in pockets, microbes have easy access to a warm environment. Sweat when transferred from our skin to the phone ups humidity, and moisture ends up aiding the growth of these organisms, explains Dr Supriya Amey, Consultant Microbiologist, Wockhardt Hospital. Over time, these microbes can cause infections in your skin and the soft tissue (like ligaments and muscles)

A recent British study discovered that mobile devices carry tens of thousands of bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause everything from pimples and boils to pneumonia and meningitis. In another study, an Arizona microbiologist tested 25 random mobile phones and found the staph bug growing on nearly half!”

Ways of Protecting yourself

The easiest option is to maintain thorough hand hygiene and handling your cell phone after washing your hands. "Wash your hands with a soap or use a hand-sanitiser. Ensure that you wipe the cell phone with an alcohol-based solution, using a tissue daily. If you are visiting a hospital or paying a visit to someone who is unwell, there's more likelihood of germs getting transferred. So, avoid carrying your cell phone altogether if you are visiting some patient at a hospital.

Here are some more tips on cleaning your must have gadgets

MP3 Cleaning

Wipe down your MP3s using a clean, soft, dry cloth. Don’t use paper towels because you’ll just scratch the screen. If you haven’t cleaned your MP3 for a while, try putting ammonia free glass cleaner on the soft cloth. And don’t forget to wipe down the ear-buds and cords!

Cell Phone

Once a week wipe down your cell phone with a dry cloth. If you spill something on it (like coffee, for example) turn the cell phone off, take out the battery and clean it with a cotton swapped dipped (but not dripping!) in isopropyl alcohol. Try to get into all those little crevices. It’s a pain but it’s better than getting a new cell phone.

The Laptop Keyboard

Slightly dampen a lint-free cloth with water and wipe down the keyboard. Then dampen some cotton swabs and try to get into the places where the cloth just could not reach.


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