Wockhardt Hospitals Kolkata Launches Booklet on "Kidney Treatements"

Monday, March 30, 2009

Wockhardt Hospitals,Kolkata recently released a booklet to generate awareness about kidney ailments, their prevention and getting the correct treatment for Nephrological diseases.

Releasing the booklet How Well Do You Know Your Kidneys? at the Press Club, well known Bengali actress and television personality Sreelekha Mitra said: "I only know drinking a lot of water helps keep our kidneys in good know Shape,I hope this booklet gives me more details. This can be a good guide for those who believe prevention is better than cure."

Each year an additional 1.50 lakh new patients of end-stage chronic kidney disease requiring dialysis or kidney transplant are added to the list of Kidney patients. in India.Out of this only 5 -7 per cent of the patients are able to get some form of treatment, while the rest die without getting any treatement to a study conducted by All-India Institute of Medical Sciences.In India one in ten people has some form of chronic kidney disease. Diabetes and hypertension are responsible for more than 60 per cent cases of chronic kidney diseas

Wockhardt Hospitals,Kolkata will initially print 4,00,000 booklets and distribute them free to patients. It will gradually print the booklet in Bengali and Hindi as well. "Those interested in acquiring a free booklet can contact our hospitals," said Shivaji Basu, Wockhardt's chief urologist.

The eight-page booklet outlines the functions of kidneys in detail, besides listing symptoms of kidney ailments and ways to treat them.


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