Wockhardt Heart Centre,Hyderabad : New Hub for Uzbekistan Patients

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wockhardt Heart center, LB Nagar, Hyderabad has in recent days seen a string of patients coming in from Uzbekistan

Recently Mr. Radjabov Toshmurot a 55-year-old man diagnosed with Triple vessel Disease and is also a Diabetic and Hypertensive along with a history of Renal Failure, got operated at Wockhardt Heart Centre,Hyderabad. He was diagnosed with a Triple vessel disease back in Uzbekistan, and was advised to undergo a Bypass Surgery.

Normally a patient from Uzbekistan would choose Russia as his Health Care destination and in recent times some people have even recognized India as a quality provider for Healthcare services, but mostly it’s been limited to Delhi, because of direct connectivity that Delhi has with Uzbekistan.

However in the last few Months we at Wockhardt Heart Centre have treated about 10 people from Uzbekistan with Complex Clinical History. What was common to all these people was that they were all High Risk Procedures with associated complications. Mr. Radjabov is one such case as since he has a Renal Failure Complication and it was essential that his kidney was kept away from developing more complication during the surgery.

That is why the Doctors at Wockhardt Hospitals performed a Beating Heart Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, for him. The surgery lasted for approximately two and a half hours and during this entire duration there no Cardio Pulmonary support. Similarly the last patient that we had received from Uzbekistan had an Associated Double Valve Replacement along with the CABG, We had to operate on that patient for six hours straight.” Says Dr. Sameer Diwale, Cardiothoracic surgeon, who’s expertise have attracted these patients to Wockhardt Hospitals Hyderabad.

Dr. Sameer Dilwale has been regulary operating for Uzbekistani Patients and this has won him accolades in Uzbekistan,In fact he has had an opportunity to even Operate on one of the Dignitaries in Uzbekistan. He was recently invited by the family to celebrate the 75th Wedding Anniversary of the patient that he had operated on.

At Wockhardt Hospitals ,it gives us a great pleasure to see that we are not only establishing Quality Healthcare but we are now doing these complex surgical operations at the Global level.
Dr. Sameer has been invited to participate in Continuous Medical Education Programmes by the doctors From Uzbekistan. Dr Sameer adds, “ Its not only patient care, its also about changing the way Healthcare is administered world over. I feel that it is of immense importance that people keep abreast of what is happening in the Medical field, and its through little exchanges like these that we learn.”

This is a perfect example of a Globalized Healthcare System at its best, good for the country good for the World but most Importantly good for every individual who demands quality Health care. It’s about Empowering people at the Individual level.

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