Indian is No 2 In Medical Tourism Hotspot

Saturday, March 28, 2009

India is only second after Thailand in terms of the most favored medical tourism destination in the world.For a country that spends 1.2% of GDP on healthcare needs and has approximately 143 doctors for every 10,000 people as compared to USA's 234 doctors per 10,000 people that is by all means quite an achievement.

However the difference between India and Thailand is almost three fold. While India was home to 450,000 medical travelers across the globe ,Thailand treated 12 lakh patients globally.

This is according to a study by Deloitte Consulting,which also talks about the emerging trends of India getting more medical visitors from US and UK. Earlier most medical travelers included patients from Middle east,West Asia, and the Asian Subcontinent

Cheaper treatment is a huge attraction and, during recession, that's a big fact and often more cost effective for Westerners. But other factors, too, have contributed to the growth of medical tourism in India. "Indian clinical and paramedical talent is globally appreciated and with JCI accreditation of some hospitals, international standard is proven. Third-party intervention through health insurance has also given it a boost," said Vishal Bali, CEO, Wockhardt Group of Hospitals.

"Thailand, which revolutionized medical tourism, is more into cosmetic surgery; India focuses on cardiac, neurological or orthopaedic problems," Bali said.

Another significant factor is long patient waiting list, especially in the UK and Europe. The per-capita healthcare expenditure in Korea is $720 against India's $94. Treatment cost is lowest in India — 20% of the average cost incurred in US; in Singapore,Thailand and South Africa, it's 30% of the US cost.


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