Nurses Day Celebrations at Bangalore

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nurses at Wokhardt Hospitals,Bannerghata in a fashion show on International Nurses day

It was a Nurses day out on 12th of May at the Bannerghata Road Branch at Wockhardt Hospitals,Bangalore. For a changes the nurses at Wockhardt Hospitals donned the latest fashion couture and gave up their nursing uniform.

Not really couture or the essence of a fashion show,but the nurses showed why it is not that difficult sometimes to change to your roles and give something your best shot,if you have the passion.

Beginning with the lighting of the lamp, the International Nurses day celebrations,started after the inaugural address Dr Davison, Centre Head, Wockhardt Hospitals, Bannerghatta.

Mr. Davison congratulated all the nursing staff at Wockhardt on the occasion. “This is the noblest profession in the world probably the only profession that puts service before self,and not everyone can be a nurse. It requires a special calling, and the ability to be sympathetic, empathetic and truly concerned for the sick,” he said.

The show had three rounds and finally, the judges chose Dipty Diana Fernandes from Wockhardt, Cunningham Road, as “Queen of Wockhardt” and Rizwan from Wockhardt, Bannerghatta, as “King of Wockhardt”.


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