91 year old back on his feet after a successful bilateral knee replacement surgery

Friday, November 20, 2009

Mr Madhukar seen above with Dr Kaushal Malhan

It’s never too late for a new beginning....

For Mr Madhukar nothing is more apt than these words.

Wockhardt Hospitals,Mumbai,Mulund has successfully performed a bilateral total knee replacement surgery in a single sitting on a 91 year old man from Mulund.In the process “Wockhardt Hospitals puts 91 year old Mr. Madhukar Nimdeo back on his feet after a successful bilateral knee replacement surgery”

Dr. Kaushal Malhan, Knee & Hip Replacement Surgeon, Wockhardt Hospitals performed the surgery on 91 year old Mr. Madhukar Nimdeo who was suffering from end-stage knee arthritis with minimal blood loss with a combination of advanced muscle sparing surgical exposure, specialized mix of navigation techniques and better patient-specific implants.

Mr. Nimdeo a retired central government employee who loves traveling and has always led an active life was suffering from knee pain for the last 8 years. Due the extreme deformity in both the knees caused by arthritis Mr. Nimdeo had to restrict his physical activities. However this couldn’t curb him from exploring adventurous sport for too long. While on his visit to New Zealand five years back he participated in bungee jumping despite his knee condition and recorded as the oldest member in New Zealand to participate in bungee jumping. But once he returned to India his condition worsened. Upon consultation with Dr. Kaushal Malhan he decided to go ahead with total knee replacement of both his knees.

“The results of the surgery are extremely encouraging and it proves that Tissue Preserving Total Knee Replacement Surgery offers good results even for very aged patients because of minimal tissue damage around the operating site. We have almost stopped the use of blood transfusions for knee replacement surgeries, even for patients who have been operated on both knees in one sitting.” said Dr. Kaushal Malhan.

Since the surgery involved minimal damage to the surrounding tissues, post operation, the nonagenarian was able to walk the same day of his surgery and also participated cheerfully in the hospital’s sporting activities held on the occasion of World Arthritis Day recently.

The Tissue Preserving Total Knee Replacement surgery goes beyond the general scope of conventional TKR surgeries that involve cutting through the quadriceps muscle during the surgery. Conventional Total Knee Replacement surgery causes trauma to the surrounding tissues that result in painful, long, recuperation periods. The patient would typically need walking aids for three to six weeks for the tissues to heal. However, in the case of Tissue Preserving TKR, the procedure involves just flipping across the muscles to reach the bone.

The specialised technique perfected by Dr Kaushal Malhan allows the advantage of satisfactory surgical exposure in all patients including the very obese with easy implantation of standard implants with standard instrumentation. Lesser tissue damage means less pain and earlier recovery.

Tissue Preserving TKR surgery aims to reduce the collateral damage which has always been part of this operation. It combines a muscle sparing exposure (which does not damage the quadriceps muscle- the front main thigh muscle) with computer assisted alignment so as to reduce the need for ligament release and appropriate implants which sacrifice less normal bone. This technique offers, among others, the ability to bend the knee almost immediately after the operation, and walk without aids much faster than conventional TKR procedures. Above all, there is no danger of any complication because there is no blood loss.

Advantages of Tissue Preserving Total Knee Replacement Surgery
  • On the whole, there is less soft tissue damage and if combined with appropriate implants, one can reduce the amount of bone sacrificed during operation.
  • Less post surgery pain
  • Less bleeding and no need for blood transfusions.
  • Faster return of knee function – muscle strength and control comes back more quickly – allows faster rehabilitation. Patients can walk on day 1 after surgery.
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Less soft tissue damage and a better result
  • Early return of knee motion
  • After surgery recovery time is less than one third of that with conventional TKR technique.

“My painful knees were quite discouraging for me in these 8 years as I had to restrict my physical activity and mobility was also compromised to a large extent. After attending a session on tissue sparing knee replacement by Dr. Kaushal Malhan, I made up my mind to undergo surgery of both the knees and I could see the benefits from day one of my surgery. I could bend my knee on the first post operative day and with a regular physiotherapy regime I am now completely back to what I was 20 years back!” said Mr. Nimdeo.

For consultations and inquiries with Doctor Malhan,please email us at enquiries@wockhardthospitals.net


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