Our Cardiac Medical Breakthroughs

Friday, August 21, 2009

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The Four Prong Strategy

Nobody wanted to treat a 12 year old girl with a Congenital Cardiac defect of criss-crossed ventricles and arteries. Medication could do little if not much and a temporary fix of the valves would only buy time. The team at Wockhardt Hospitals wanted more for the girl and thus took on the challenge to give her back the normal life of a 12 year old. It took a whole year of tests and scans and 4 high risks surgeries to re-arrange the girl's heart. The girl has completely recovered and has gone back to her life of a normal 12 year old.

The Radio Maze Therapy:

Heart Specialists at Wockhardt Hospitals have found an extremely advantageous surgical procedure which will offer a permanent solution during Atrial Fibrillation - an abnormal fast beating of the heart caused by disturbed electrical discharges. The surgery uses the technique of Irrigated Radio Frequency Modified MAZE Procedure, which is performed to treat Atrial Fibrillation along with an Open heart surgery for valve replacement.

Wake Up to a New World:

A 78 year old patient walked into Wockhardt Hospitals with chest pain. An emergency angiogram indicated the urgent need for a bypass. The problem? He was a smoker and affected lungs meant that he could not tolerate general anesthesia. Plus there were other complications like diabetes and renal problems which eliminated the heart lung machines. In most other hospitals, this would have been the end of the story. But the Wockhardt Cardiac Team came up with a medical plan to perform a Minimally Invasive Coronary bypass without general anesthesia or a ventilator support, using the technique called high Epidural Analgesia. The operation lasted 45 minutes and was a success - and the patient was awake all through.

Brains Behind The Heart

A 22 year old was brought to Wockhardt Hospitals with a rare condition. He had a cancerous tumour in his heart - a condition that is normally found in the brain. In fact, it's so rare that there isn't even enough medical literature about it. But that didn't stop Wockhardt Hospitals Cardiac Team. In an epic surgery that lasted longer than 6 hours, the tumor was successfully removed and a large part of the heart was literally rebuilt.

The 900gm Miracle:

Most hospitals wouldn't operate on a baby, who was just four months old and weighed a mere 900 grams - just about the size of a palm. The baby's heart was one-inch-long and had a one - centimeter fungal mass in the right chamber, which had infected his blood.

An open heart surgery was his only chance of survival, but was risky, considering his loss of weight. Understandably it was a risk that most hospitals were unwilling to take. They wanted to wait till the baby gained more weight, which meant they needed more time - and time was something that was not available.

But the team at Wockhardt had belief - belief in their skills and a strong one that they would be able to save the baby's life. The six hour surgery was a success and the baby - the 900 gram miracle, was reborn.


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