World Insulin Day :India will be home to over 70 Million Diabetics in the next 6 years

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Indian which is already a diabetic capital of the world will have the rare distinction of being home to over 70 million diabetic patients by 2015. This figure was expected to be reached by 2025,however increasingly lifestyles of Indians are likely to help reach this number by 2015 according to a global Diabetic report conducted by "Diabetes Atlas"

Fueling the alarming trend is the rise of diabetes in the rural areas.A recent report by "Diabetes Atlas"shows an increase in prevalence of 40% in urban areas in 6 years and 49% in rural areas in the same duration.

According to the Diabetes Atlas, there are 246 diabetic patients in the world. India leads with being the home to about 41 million diabetics followed by China with 40 Million. US,Russia,Germany and Pakistan trail India and China.

These data on Diabetic Projection in India, comes on the day which is Insulin Day. Insulin day is observed on July 30th .On this day in 1921,when Frederick Grant Banting and Charles Herbert Best injected a dog with 4cc of extract of degenerated pancreas ,the dogs blood sugar stopped.This was the beginning of the ultimate end for the search of diabetic cure.This extract was later named Insulin and the day is now observed as World Insulin Day


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