US patients Share their Experiances at Wockhardt Hospitals,Bangalore

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

According to a research conducted by Deloitte India ranks second in Medical Tourism throughout the world. Ironically, India spends only 1.2 per cent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on health issues, but the country prides itself in treating Americans and Europeans . The study says that Indian hospitals treated 4.5 lakh foreign patients in 2007.

Thailand tops the list with a record number of 12 lakh. The study says that Indian hospitals treat patients not only from its neighboring states and the countries of West Asia, but also treat a large number of patients from the United States and other European countries. The inflow of patients to India from the European countries has been gradually rising.

The Delloite study forecasts that the number of people turning to "medical tourism" -- will increase from 750,000 to 6 million by 2010, an eightfold increase from the present numbers.

If the actual increase is even half that, the fact is that it will be insurers and employers driving this change, not individuals

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina has already started down the medical tourism road, and employers in other parts of the country are showing growing curiosity, if not interest.

Last year,South Carolina based Companion Global Healthcare Inc had recognized and added Wockhardt Hospitals in Bangalore and Mumbai to its overseas hospital network.All Bluecross Blueshield of South Carolina and Bluechoice Healthplan of South Carolina members will have access to Wockhardt Hospitals through this association with Companion Global Healthcare.

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