US Healthcare Outsourcing to India Doubles as Americans continue their Healthcare Debate

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Saritha Rai of globalpost points out in a recent post that US healthcare outsourcing to Indian continues unabated as US continues to debate and discuss their healthcare reforms.

Several American patients have been severely hit by the recession,with more and more employers cutting down their employees healthcare cost. American Patients are increasingly looking forward to coming down in some of the Indian medical tourism Hubs like Bangalore and Mumbai for getting treated.

She gives an example of " Seaver-Davis", a family mediator and teacher, who traveled halfway across the world from Greensboro to Bangalore, where Wockhardt’s Hospitals surgeons removed the loose implants from a previous surgery in his knee and replaced them with fresh implants.
The surgery cost $11,000, a bargain-basement price that was a quarter of what hospitals in North Carolina were quoting. “If more people knew about the quality of medical care here, American hospitals would go out of business,” said Seaver-Davis.

Lying in a hospital bed in Wockhardt Hospital recuperating from a knee replacement surgery on his right knee, Les Seaver-Davis counts off on his fingers the number of times he has been in and out of hospitals back home in Greensboro, North Carolina.

You can read the full story here" Slumdog Doctors No More

About Sarita Rai

Saritha Rai covers India for GlobalPost. Rai has spent her journalistic career tracking diverse subjects such as globalization, the technology industry and social change. For six years, she was the India-based business reporter for the New York Times, writing about the economy, outsourcing, liberalization and change.


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