How How do you know if you are having a Heart Attack or Angina

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Most people having a chest pain tends to believe that they are having an heart attack.However it can also mean that you might me having an Angina. Medically there is a difference between the two.Knowing the difference can help you to find out the problem and seek help from your doctor Here are quick checklist for understanding the difference between the two.

How long the pain lasts
Angina: less that 5 minutes
Heart Attack:5 minutes and longer

Consistency of Chest Pain
Angina: Comes and goes
Heart Attack:Constant

How bad the chest pain is
Angina:Less intense
Heart Attack:More Intense

nausea, sweating, or difficulty breathing
Angina:Less Likely
Heart Attack: More Likely

Resolves with medication (nitroglycerin) or rest
Heart Attack: No

however,some heart attacks are never recognized (silent infarctions) because the symptoms are mild, not typical, or even absent. This is a major reason why some people don't come to the hospital when they have a heart attack. If you have angina and notice that it is happening more often or lasting longer, you should contact your doctor.

With both a heart attack and angina, part of your heart muscle is not getting enough oxygen because of reduced or blocked blood flow in your coronary arteries. With angina, the lack of oxygen is temporary, and permanent heart damage does not occur. During a heart attack, the lack of oxygen lasts longer and causes permanent heart damage.

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