The Nest Birthing Services at Bangerghatta Road,Bangalore

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The NEST birthing suites at Bannerghata Road Center at Wockhardt Hospitals,fulfills two big concerns during pregnancy and delivery,safety and comfort. Today's women juggles between her career demands and family’s needs. With more and more nuclear families on the rise, the support system that a woman earlier was used to is no longer there.

With increasing responsibilities at work besides managing home, she has barely has time to look after herself. A lot of questions that a pregnant woman looks forward remains unanswered. and is left to the hands of the caregiver . The Nest Birthing Services is an one stop destination for Women for the next nine months.

The Nest is a part of Wockhardt Hospitals Woman Care that derives its safety standards from Harvard Medical International ( HMI)

The” Nest Birthing center is backed by Wockhardt clinical specialties. with a wide choice of eminent obstetricians and gynecologists and specialties from other disciplines. Along with a team of highly trained nurses and paramedics our excellence in clinical care is complemented by the latest technology in terms of investigations, diagnosis and treatments. Our state of the art Neonatal Intensive Clinic Unit (NICU), blood bank and emergency service stand by as a guard against surprises in the last moment.

For nine months the Nest offers you superlative care in a homely and caring environment. Our ante –natal program prepares you and your spouse both physically and emotionally for the birth of your baby. Our (Labor Delivery Postpartum) LDRP and elegant birthing suites are designed to make your stay during your delivery memorable and pleasant. We emphasis on natural birthing and provide you support services like Lamaze and ante natal classes. We give you the option of comfortable natural birthing with painless delivery techniques. Pregnancy is something to look forward to at the “ Nest Birthing Center.

Wockhardt Hospitals “Nest TLC Package” (Tender Loving Care)For Pregnant Women

The baby in the womb goes through the same emotions as you do. The Nest TLC privilege package monitors your health and after your delivery, your babies health. This special TLC package performs all ante-natal tests, routine investigations and support services like Lamaze and yoga and of course plenty of Tender Loving and Care.

Details of the TLC Package for Pregnant Women

  • Gynecologists consultations from second trisemester onwards till delivery(12-14 consultations)
  • Pediatrician consultation for post delivery -3 visits ( 1 month to 3 months)
  • All standard lab tests from second trisemester (13th week ) upto delivery 92-4 times as per doctors recommendation.
  • Tetanus Injections (2-3 times ) s per doctors recommendation
  • The Lamaze classes ( on registration )
  • nte-Natal education
  • Physiotherapists counseling ( for C –Section)
  • Newborn screening tests
  • All requirements for the baby (diaper clothes, tie cloths etc are taken care by the hospital during the stay (3 days for normal and 5 days for C section )
  • Operation Theatre Charges
  • Consumables, disposables and medicines used during delivery
  • Antibiotics used for C Section
  • Diet/Dietician counseling
  • NST Charges
  • 24 hours nursing care

Extra Value Added Services Provided in the TLC Package

  • Welcome Kit
  • Wockhardt pregnancy Guide Book
  • Gift hamper at the time of discharge
  • Baby Album
  • Baby Name Book
  • Wockhardt Birth Certificate
  • Photo Frame with Photo
Lab tests included along with the TLC Package are
  • *CBC
  • VDRL
  • Urine Routine
  • Blood Sugar
  • HB
  • TSH
  • Blood Grouping
  • Platelet Count
  • HIV 1& 2
  • RBS
  • Post Prandial blood Sugar
  • OGCT ( if history of diabetes
  • TSH
  • New Born Screening Tests

Ultrasound Included are
  • NT Scan
  • Anomalies Scan
  • BPS Scan for bio- physical profile(3rd trisemester)
  • This Package does not Include
  • Any stay in the hospital beyond the delivery period package ( 3 days in case of normal delivery and 5 days in case of C-Section )
  • NICU or ICU stay
The Following are not a part of standard charges

Consumables over the limit
Cost of certain drugs and medicines used under special circumstances
Visit of consultants of other specialties like a urologist
Vaccine cost for the baby
Any additional physiotherapy sessions
Investigations, medication and treatments for any pre-existing diseases
Additional investigation lab tests in addition to the regular pregnancy tests in case of any complications
3D/4D Scan
Cost for epidural Analgesia
Triple Market tests

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