Minimally Invasive Procedures for Non-Resectable Liver Tumors

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Minimally invasive techniques are used at also used at Wockhardt Hospitals for the treatment of non-resectable tumours of the liver. These treatments are the options if surgery is not possible due to cirrhosis (or other conditions that cause poor liver function), the location of the tumor within the liver, or other health problems.

These techniques include
  • RFA: Radio-frequency ablation of the tumour which can be either percutaneous under Ultrasound or CT guidance or during open surgery.
  • PEI: Percutaneous Ethanol Injection of the tumour
  • TACE:Chemo-embolisation of the tumour using interventional radiological techniques.
  • TACE for unresectable HCC

Portal Hypertension :

Portal hypertension and its complications (mainly bleeding from Varices) remain important clinical problems despite advances in treatment and understanding of the disease. Professor Mathur is recognised world over as an authority in the management of portal hypertension with huge experience of managing more than 600 patients of portal hypertension since 1982. Researched and developed an effective, safe and economical Sclerosant (3% Aqueous Phenol) for Esophageal variceal injection.It has been used more than 1000 patients since 1983.Developed inexpensive Injector indigenously for sclerotherapy.

He has to his credit developed his own surgical technique for emergency rebleed - mathur’s modification of Sugiura’s procedure, which is recognized world over with rebleed rate of < 5%.
Wockhardt Hospitals,Liver Center also performs all types of porto-systemic shunts including the selective shunts such as Distal Spleno-renal shunt.

Portal biliopathy, a term used for clinical condition where patient develops obstructive jaundice due to compression of the bile duct by portal cavernoma , is well recoganised. Wockhardt Hospitals,Mumbai has a vast experience in treating such cases where portosystemic decompression by shunt surgery with or without biliary diversion that has resulted in permanent cure of the disease.

This is one of the few units in the country with capability and experience of treating portal hypertension with all available treatment modalities namely – medical management, endoscopic therapy, TIPS and SurgeryThe unit has large experience in managing case of non-cirrhotic portal hypertension and Budd-Chiari Syndrome

Dr Mathur has published about 30 research papers on Portal hypertension in International and Indian National journals and written chapters in books and regularly get invited to deliver guest lectures on surgical management of Portal hypertension at International and National conferences and CMEs.

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