Minimally Invasive Surgery at Wockhardt Hospitals

Friday, February 27, 2009

Minimally Invasive procedure or Minimal Access Surgery involved doing surgery with minimum incision on the affected areas of the body.This kind of surgery which is also sometimes reffered to as 'Keyhole Surgery' is fairly a recent development.

The Wockhart Minimal Access Surgery Department is equipped with High-end technology to perform precision and targeted surgery which until recently required large incisions Minimally Invasive techniques encompasses operative procedures for the Heart, abdomen, urinary tract, reproductive system and joints. This technology not only minimizes surgical trauma, pain and blood loss but also shortens hospitalization stay and recovery time, since the trauma due to blood loss and wound is less which helps a patient to recover faster.

Wockhardt Center for Minimal Access Surgery has acquired the complete range of Endoscopic technology required to carry out Minimal Access Surgery with a complete range of high precision hand instruments.
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